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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, and wanted to give you some updates.  Hope that everyone survived the winter months.  Spring is on its way.  We are managing to stay real busy at Barnstormers, despite the economy.  We finally finished the Citabria (See photo), and it, along with its owner, flew to its new home. 

Awaiting pick up

Awaiting pick up

We’ve also been doing some general maintenance and repair on a T-28.

Now that’s a big airplane.  I could really get comfortable on the wing of that bird.  Work continues on the Taylorcraft, and should be nearing completion soon.  We’ve been doing annuals on a C-195, another Taylorcraft, Cessna 310, and Stinson.   



Life is good!  Come by and visit us when you can, and you can see firsthand the type of work we are doing.  In the meantime, wishing you blue skies.



Friday, January 16th, 2009

I’ve got a lot to fill you folks in on. . .

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been completing an Aeronca C-3 project for one of our customers, Mr. Tracy Forrest.  Tracy bought the basket case to present as a surprise gift to the Wilson Family at the Wilson Air Center in Memphis, Tennessee.  The group here at Barnstormer’s completed the project in early December.  David Harwell and Vern Stephens, two of our important team members trucked the airplane to Memphis (Road Trip), assembled it, and were in atttendance for the presentation.  The airplane will be displayed at the Wilson Air Center.  Mr. Kemmons Wilson barnstormed in the 1930’s in a C-3.  In WWII, he flew the Hump.  After the war, he and his wife started a “little” motel chain called the Holiday Inn.  Mr Wilson, Sr. passed away in the 1990’s.  The airplane was a gift for his family and was painted and finished out just as Mr. Kemmons Wilson’s original Aeronca C-3.  Attached are some great photos of the presentation.

We hope that the Wilsons enjoy the airplane!!

Meantime, back in Georgia, we are working on the Taylorcraft and Citabria restorations.  We are in the painting stages, and I hope to have photos for you next month. 

Wishing you Blue Skys,


Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Hi Folks,

With all of the Christmas parties, shopping, etc., I just have not had a chance to update my blog.  I promise that I will get back on schedule next month.  In the meantime, myself and all of my peeps at Barnstormer’s Workshop wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Now, I think that it’s time to settle down for a long winter’s nap.

I’m still,

Boots from the Blog


Friday, October 24th, 2008

Well, it’s me again-Boots from the shop.  A lot of activity has been going on at Barnstormer’s these days.  So much so, that it’s hard for me to get my cat naps in.  The guys have been busily restoring a C-3 (flying bathtub) for a customer.  It’s a funny looking thing with its belly hanging so low.  But, they tell me that it is probably a little too slow for my taste, as I have a “need for speed”.   Work has continued on the Fairchild and it looks like we may have finally located an air box for it. (Yeah!!!)  More work has also been accomplished on the Culver Cadet, the Taylorcraft, and Mr. Harry’s Stinson wing has a new spar.

We just got in a Pitts fuselage that needs recovering.  The owner is a Navy F-18 pilot. (He likes cats!)  More about him in a future blog.  In addition to all of the aircraft work, we put together a trailer to transport people at Fly-Ins and donated it to the Candler Field Museum located here at Peachstate Aerodrome.  I will be adding photos to my blog page in a day or two.  It’s pouring rain here today, and I will get my fur wet if I take photos today.

Wishing you Blue Skys,



Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Harry Ballance is truly one of the nicest people that I have ever met.  He’s one of those unique individuals who always has a smile on his face and seems to know everyone.  I had the pleaseure of talking to Harry the other day, as he speaks fluent cat.

Aviation must run in Harry’s blood, as his father began flying in 1928 at Candler Field, where he soloed a Fleet.  As the Southern Division Manager of 20th Century Fox Film Company in Atlanta, Harry’s father used his aircraft for business travel, but flying was mainly a hobby for him.  He owned several airplanes including a SR5 Stinson.  After WWII, Harry’s father gave up flying, as he had two small children and it was rather expensive to fly.

Harry is a native of Atlanta, a rare species these days. His passion for airplanes began as a child, building model airplanes and reading books on flying.  While attending college at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia where he majored in Chemistry, Harry learned to fly.  After college, he was commissioned in the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant.  Following his army days, Harry was a civilian for only two days before Delta Airlines hired him as a pilot, where he was employed for 35 years.  Currently Harry is retired form Delta and is a corporate pilot for Pro Care RX.

Harry Ballance in his stearman

Harry Ballance in his stearman

 He has four grown children and two grandchildren.  He resides in Atlanta with his wife Carol, and is building a 2nd home and hanger here at Peachstate Aerodrome.  Harry owns a J-3 cub, a Stearman (restored by Barnstormer’s Workshop), and recently purchased the same 1934 SR5 that his father owned many years ago.  Barnstormer’s Workshop is currently restoring the Stinson for Harry.

Harry believes that in order to be a truly good pilot, you must have a passion for it.  It’s evident that Harry still has that passion.  We are so fortunate that he does, and that he shares his enthusiasm with us.

Wishing you Blue Skies,


Introducing Boots

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

August 13, 2008


My name is Boots and I am an airport cat.  I was a stray, until I found these nice folks here at Barnstormer’s Workshop.  I get free room and board in return for providing airport security.  The guys here at Barnstormer’s decided that I was getting a little too fat and lazy, so they have given me another job—Barnstormer’s Blogger.  YIPEE!!!

Not a bad gig, but it is difficult to type when all you have are paws.  I tend to make a lot of errors, so please be patient.

This is the first of what will be a monthly update to let you know what we are working on here at Barnstormer’s as well as some human interest stories.  Yes, I know,  I’ve really got you curious now.  That’s what a good writer does. 

The guys have been real busy working on a Fairchild 24W.  By the way, if anyone knows where we can find a carburator air box for a 165 Warner engine, please let us know. The Fairchild is owned by Thomas Griffing, who lives in Ohio.  

Also in progress is Harry Ballance’s Stinson SR5 restoration, a BC12D Taylorcraft repair as well as a BC12 Taylorcraft restoration.


Well, that’s all for now. My bed awaits for my afternoon siesta.  I’ll be updating you again in a few short weeks.

Fairchild 24W

Fairchild 24W

  Wishing you Blue Skys,


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