Barnstormer's Workshop: Boots' Blog


Well, it’s me again-Boots from the shop.  A lot of activity has been going on at Barnstormer’s these days.  So much so, that it’s hard for me to get my cat naps in.  The guys have been busily restoring a C-3 (flying bathtub) for a customer.  It’s a funny looking thing with its belly hanging so low.  But, they tell me that it is probably a little too slow for my taste, as I have a “need for speed”.   Work has continued on the Fairchild and it looks like we may have finally located an air box for it. (Yeah!!!)  More work has also been accomplished on the Culver Cadet, the Taylorcraft, and Mr. Harry’s Stinson wing has a new spar.

We just got in a Pitts fuselage that needs recovering.  The owner is a Navy F-18 pilot. (He likes cats!)  More about him in a future blog.  In addition to all of the aircraft work, we put together a trailer to transport people at Fly-Ins and donated it to the Candler Field Museum located here at Peachstate Aerodrome.  I will be adding photos to my blog page in a day or two.  It’s pouring rain here today, and I will get my fur wet if I take photos today.

Wishing you Blue Skys,