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Boots Back Again, Hopefully getting ready for Fall

Barnstormer’s, as usual is extremely busy. I’ll tell you a little about what’s been going on.
We are taking care of the flight school airplanes here on the field which keeps us pretty busy. They have a couple of C172’s and a Champ. In addition, we do some painting and treatment on Jet Engines for a local engine shop. In addition, we are busy with our restoration projects. We are just finishing up a Stearman for a customer, and he is actually here today to see the results. We are still working on the Ryan STA. It is has been a long and dubious project. The owner wanted the entire fuselage reskinned, which took many days. We had to have certain parts fabricated as they were unavailable. We are getting closer everyday on completion. We also have two J-3’s that have just arrived for restoration. We are doing some work to a Carbon Cub. As for me, I have had my hands full looking after all of these precious airplanes and making sure that the guys do it right.
Below are some of the airplanes we are working on or have recently completed.

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Happy Fall to All!

Boots from the Blog

Mr. Jorgenson’s L-21 getting close before departure.
Mr. Morgan’s before repair, he had a small hiccup.
Mr. Pace’s J-3 restoration in process.
Mr. Ed’s Bucker has a new home in AL.
Mr. Tidmore’s Ryan STA on the front burner and getting real close.