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It’s Boots, two years later.  I’m still here, older and maybe a little wiser.  I still have the energy to maintain my position as Director of Security for Barnstormer’s Workshop.  On call 24/7.

Protecting the Pitts

We recently recovered and painted a Pitts.  WOW! My kind of airplane.  It’s very much my taste, sexy, speedy, sporty, small, and sassy!  That’s me in a nutshell.  I like to call it “Purple Passion”.  I would love to put my goggles and helmet on and take it for a ride one night when the boss is not around.  Oh well, I can dream!.  It would help if I had thumbs.


S2B Pitts

Well, back to reality.  The shop is packed full as usual.  We have a Staggerwing project for sale right now.  Call if you are interested.  We performed a couple of annuals along with modifications on other Staggerwings.  Below are examples.

The guys have done extensive major repairs to two Cessna 120’s.  We are currently conducting an annual on a J-3 and Cessna 182.  Also in progress is the repair and recovering of 1929 Commandaire wings.

Commandaire wing

We are expecting a Bellanca Superviking in next week for a fuselage repair and recovering.  The list goes on.  I honestly can’t remember all of the airplanes that have been in and out in the last two years.  Stop by the shop to see us if you can.  We are always happy to have visitors.

On a sad note, the owner of Peachstate Aerodrome, Ron Alexander, who was a very good friend and supporter passed away while flying his beloved Jenny.  He is missed every day.

On a happier note, our longest ever employee, Karl Bell, recently retired.  Karl was truly an asset to our business.  He comes to see us about once a week and understands that he is on call for special projects.  Congrats to Karl as his retirement is well deserved.  We feel blessed to have the quantity of work that we have and the dedicated employees that we work with.  I have a full belly and a roof over my head.  What more can you ask for?  Life is Good!

We have created an Ebay store dedicated to parts sales.  Check it out as we have some rare and hard to find parts for sale. You can find our ebay store under 1PSA.  Below are a few additional photos of aircraft that we have restored and or repaired over the last two years.

J-3 complete restoration
J-3 complete restoration

Well, that’s it for now folks.  Wishing you Blue Skies!

Boots is Mewout!