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Taylorcraft Completion

Hello from Boots,

Barnstormer’s Workshop has been busily finishing up projects just in time for Christmas.  We completed the Taylorcraft restoration owned by Mark Woodworth of Madison, Ohio.  We delivered the fresh restoration to him in early October.  I had really hoped to make that trip, but was told that I needed to stay here and guard the remaining airplanes.  Life as a guard cat sure does get boring. 

Mr. Woodworth’ s Taylorcraft is a 1939 BL-65 and has been in his family since 1939 when it was purchased new.  He had taken the aircraft to the Taylorcraft Factory in Texas for restoration.  After the Taylorcraft Factory went bankrupt for the second time, Mr. Woodworth was contacted to come and get what was left of his aircraft.  Unfortunately, there was not much left.  When Mr. Woodworth contact Barnstormer’s Workshop to see if we could fix his airplane, there were no wings, no tail feathers, a piece of an old Lycoming engine, and very few parts. 

We were not only able to put it in flying condition, but turned it into a beauty. 


1939 BL-65 Taylorcraft
1939 BL-65 Taylorcraft

It’s really great to see these guys at Barnstormer’s take an airplane that potentially might not ever have flown again, and turn it into such a nice airplane.

Well, that’s it for now.  Happy Holidays from Boots Blog at Barnstormer’s Workshop.

Wishing you Blue Skies!